wow theres a lot of stuff today im sorry
Posted November 5, 2016 at 09:00 am

hi, i have a lot of things to talk about:

1. i did a guest comic for my friend who makes good webcomic astral aves. you can read it here. it stars.....u guessed it. jack and maxine. if you like a ghost story you'll probably like astral aves a lot. the humor def runs along the same lines.

2. i've updated the old patreon information to reflect the changes to the patreon. now i offer slightly more stuff that is slightly easier for me to manage. here is that information in nice clean infographic form. the newest additions are occassional patreon only effort-laden blog posts about things that are interesting/inspire the comic and monthly illustrations instead of wallpapers. if you want to give a ghost story money and get stuff in return, consider donating to the patreon. i'll be making the monthly news post later today.

for 1 dollar last month you got access to:

  • 8 updates that were posted 2 ½ weeks before they were posted on the main site
  • 5 exclusive drawings for patrons only
  • 2 exclusive comics for patrons only
  • 3 longer form posts about random things that are inspiring, interesting or weird that influence my tastes


okay, thanks for reading my comic and this newspost.

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