"A Ghost Club" Release! (FREE!)
Posted April 1, 2018 at 03:00 am

Sorry for no update yesterday, but I was busy working on....THIS!!!

“A GHOST CLUB” is a dating sim/visual novel featuring the cast of “A Ghost Story” in an alternate universe! You are the newest member of the ABRAHAM LINCOLN HIGH GHOST CLUB, a supernatural aficionado round table run by MAXINE GOTTWIN. Join Maxine, JACK HENDERSON, VICTORIA BLACKWELL, ALICE MORGAN, VERA MORGAN and LUCY on their semester-long quest for THE WEEPING WIDOW, a ghost that’s said to speak the true name of your love…that is, if you manage to catch her!


  • 30 different endings based on a karmic scale accumulated over the course of the game!
  • 25 available suitors, including Dark Mirror Twin versions of every main character.
  • 15 different mini-games, including chess, Jenga ® , shogi and slots!
  • Crafting!
  • Customizable HUD!
  • Kissing mechanics!

Enjoy! Simply click the image above to play the release! Have fun!

Music by R.J. Lake



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