Posted December 12, 2018 at 09:00 am

three pieces of news:

1. there's a sale in the hivemill store!


buy some A Ghost Story stuff and help me move my ass to rhode island in 2 months. im so close. im panicking. im drowing. HELP ME. AAAHH!!!

2. to convince you to make a purchase, there's a new print in the store! the print for the previous chapter was long overdue so i slapped it out this week: you can buy it here!

check it out. its red and grey. shocking

3. THERE IS A BIG HAITUS COMING!! I'M VERY SORRY!!!! ?the Big Move is starting to be real. which means a series of significant haituses are coming up. the first of which will be from DEC 23rd to JAN 12th. while updates will continue to be semi frequent on patreon, the site itself will only be updated with a smattering of those lazy low effort comics i do in haitus times. enjoy the stupid haitus comics and if you want to help me not scream so much about how much moving from coast to coast costs and also see more normal comics, donate to the patreon.

the first edition of "shitty garbage" is coming out next month, set aside 5 bucks for that as well!